First Home Decoration

Moving into your first home is a great opportunity to experiment with your interior concepts in your personal living space. It is an opportunity to play around with various ideas until you find the right combination For First Home Decoration. Unfortunately, likely, you won’t have the money to spend as much time in shops as much as you’d like, however, there are some essential accessories for your home.

You can visit any store that sells furniture and accessories in shabby chic style for various stylish objects. If you want your home to have an aesthetic appeal, the primary elements to decorate your home include:

Wall adornments

The easiest method to accomplish this is hanging wall art and wall hangings. It is possible to purchase some stylish rustic wall hangings that are shabby chic to hang in your living space, to begin with like. You can buy antique items for home décor in this modern world people love décor their home with antique stuff. In-wall segment One of my favourite product is hanging brass diyas it gives your home a traditional and rich look, and the other one is brass stand diya. There is the huge online and offline market so you can go for it.

Wall hanging Diya

Personal color statement

Nothing that speaks to your personality more than the colors you love. Explore different shades and tones. If you aren’t sure, opt for cream and blue that blend well, contrast and complement each other with various colors.


While they may provide the privacy you desire, curtains need to reflect your taste. Plastic or paper curtains are not acceptable anymore—select curtains made of fabric that are the correct color to match the decor of the wall.


If duffel bags were sufficient for your dorm room, It is now time to make room to store your new purchases. This requires creativity since the available space is likely to be smaller than the items you have—the use of colors is useful here.

Floor art

Find one or two-floor rugs that fill in the space. There is no need to put up Isfahan Persian to show off your exquisite taste. In reality, a hand-woven DIY rug can do well. Designing with patterns and colors, and textures makes the room feel more authentic like cotton rugs made in India are beautifully crafted these rugs will enhance the look


Statement item

You should have a possession that is unique to your personal identity. It is typically a memento from your home or college or the gift of a loved person. Antique items are perfect for this. DIY pieces are also great because they are intimate connections. A delicious chandelier is beautiful.


Beautifully designed lighting and shade with appealing colors make the rooms extremely cozy. Make sure that every room has lighting that is appropriate for the space. The lighting that is color-coordinated is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms, and white light is best for reading tables. These days some traditional items which is inspired of vintage design are trending like

Beautifully designed lighting and shade with appealing colors make the rooms extremely cozy. Make sure that every room has lighting that is appropriate for the space. The lighting that is color-coordinated is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms, and white light is best for reading tables. These days some traditional items which is inspired of vintage design are trending like degchi pot or incense burner

Degchi pot

If you’re planning to build your first home, try to stick to simple designs that are great for smaller spaces and the design that is pleasing to you.

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